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Представлены доклады на конференции ruSMART/NEW2AN 2012

OSLL приняла участие в конференциях ruSMART, NEW2AN. Были представлены следующие статьи:

Process Mining Approach for Traffic Analysis in Wireless Mesh Networks

Short-time traffic flow prediction in particular systems will expedite discovering of an optimal path for packet transmitting in dynamic wireless networks. The main goal is to predict traffic overload while changing a network topology. Machine learning techniques and process mining can help analyze traffic produced by several moving nodes. Several related approaches are observed. Research framework structure is presented. The idea of process mining approach is proposed.

Smart Space Applications Integration: A Mediation Formalism and Design for Smart-M3

The Smart-M3 platform implements smart spaces environments with emphasis on the multi-device, multi-domain, and multi-vendor concept. One of the barriers against effective realization of the M3 concept is the lack of interoperability mechanisms between applications when they operate in different smart spaces. In this paper, we present an approach for applications integration; it provides interoperability such that one application uses services of another application. We extend the Smart-M3 space computing model with a mediation formalism of applications integration where ontology-driven knowledge exchange is performed between application spaces. We propose a generic architecture and design of application-specific mediator. Our approach makes a further step towards specification-based automated development in Smart-M3.

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