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QT Mobility contest

This page will be updated with new ideas, investigation results

Event description:

Useful links:

Current ideas

Idea Time estimation Affirmative points Unfavourable points
Create access to phone's vibration engine unknown great for game-developers I can't determine work size
RSS engine and sample TBD TBD TBD
Bunch of samples to access to google stuff TBD TBD TBD
Json support TBD TBD TBD
Liblocation wrappers 3 human/day TBD TBD
Qt accelerometer support TBD TBD TBD
twitter client + liblocation 4 human/day TBD TBD
Implement Qt System information for Maemo5 8 human/day TBD TBD


jcmvbkbc, 2009/12/22 11:43

I can explore what's needed for 'Create access to phone's vibration engine'

Павел Зубарев, 2009/12/22 19:37

You are welcome. I mean we can do it for maemo5 devices. Currently we need small investigation with goal to get time estimation only, we don't need a solution (: If you have other ideas for contest, go ahead and write them.

jcmvbkbc, 2009/12/29 03:41

Vibration driver (maemo 5): linux/drivers/leds/leds-twl4030-vibra.c Interface – sysfs files: speed, duration, pulse.

Thus, there's access.

Now, how do we want to present it to apps? Any ideas?

jcmvbkbc, 2009/12/29 03:50

BTW, accelerometer driver (maemo 5): drivers/i2c/chips/lis302dl.c

Interface – sysfs files: coord (the orientation)

kkv, 2009/12/29 08:42

That's it!

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