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EPM project [Presentation]. Version 1 (very “raw”).

Authors: Mikhail Krinkin, Nick Teslya, Dan Savelyev.

The main goal of our project is to create an application that can analyze the power consumption of the mobile device and predict its operational time. What can we say about the power consumption prediction nowadays? A great amount of the phones has a charge indicator that can show current charge, or can predict time of discharge with current consumption. When we had only the intension to create a new application we had a next thought: any human don’t mind about the lifetime of the accumulator, when he is near the power source (near the electric outlet, for example), but it becomes very important, when he is far. And in such cases he wants to use the device as long as he is outdoors or on a trip. For example, a businessman travels from one city to another with the mobile phone and he wants his phone to be charged until he arrives and he wants to make and receive calls during all the way.

Therefore, our application has a special “spice”. It can measure a consumption of every application, that can be run on the device and remember it. Also it has some types of profiles, for example “home” or “business trip” or something else, and this profile decides, what types of application can be run. So, when the user works with the phone, it can choose the desired lifetime of the accumulator, and the application will show the list of profiles, which will allow the phone “work” during this time. And then the user is needed only to choose the profile and he can be sure, that the phone will “live” as long, as he wants.

So, with our application any user of the mobile device can be calm that it will work as long, as he wants, but has a limited functionality, that is the limited list of accessible applications.

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