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OLPC Mesh improving

# раздел описание время слайдов
1 Introduction Title of project, Mesh and OLPC domain intro. Project peoples 2m 4
2 Problem definition What of the problem: requirements, FIXME 3m 6
3 Domain analysis Standards review, proprietary and open solutions, advantages and disadvantages. Solution directions 3m 6
4 Solution Scientific ground: routing algs generalization, traffic overhead mgmt, modeling results (papers, progs). Implementation steps. 5m 12
5 Project timeline Fundamental researching plan (directions, events, als, modeling). Development plan: as OLPC part, as independed parts. 2m 4
6 Resume,thanks Author/project info 30s 1
link description Mesh Routing FAQ Very complex review for ad-hoc routing protocols


Proto Type Lic link

1. This is research project.

дальше, к удалению

* Что есть OLPC. Что там за mesh.                              2мин = 4 слайда
2. Что есть mesh.                                                       3мин = 6 слайдов
3. Состояние индустрии в mesh (стандарты, черновики, существующие решения, 
проблемы, что стопорит решение проблем)         3мин
4. С какой из проблем боремся мы. Как предполагаем ее решить.           6мин
        1. Теоретические основы.
        2. Реализация в OLPC (предположение).
5. Результаты, выводы.          

Short OLPC project description

OLPC Mesh. What is the problem?
Network architecture defining
Unit number influence on the amount of control traffic
Network changes dynamics influence on the amount of control traffic
Route length influence on the amount of control traffic
Modern tendencies of Mesh Networks development

Quality of Service mgmt as the main goal
Protocols of network architecture defining
Proactive and On-Demand routing protocols
Network diameter as route length optimality index
Local optimization routing protocols
Problems with QoS providing in local optimization protocols
Global optimization routing protocols
Problems with QoS providing in global optimization protocols

The Central idea of route quality
User's demands on optimal route
Acceptable approach to optimal route
Providing one certain feature level
Aim at providing all features at certain levels
QoS cost dependance on user's demands

Special way of network controlling
Certain level of control traffic with no depend on user's actions with network
Difficulty of QoS providing in Mobile ad-hoc networks
Difficulty of QoS providing in any structure networks

Project Activities and timeline
  - Scientific activities and results
  - Practical experience
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